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POA Board Members

Matt Dunston, President

Brian Wright, Vice President

Mark Rising, Secretary

Bill Dunston, Treasurer

Matt Cunningham - Member at Large

POA Committees

If you have any questions regarding Walden POA or need to make changes and/or improvements to your yard, house, or property, please contact the following: 

Walden POA Managing Agent:

Dawn Tahaney

P.O. Box 3262

Monument, CO 80132

Phone #: 719-445-7227 Email:

Architectural Control

 Matt Dunston, Bill Dunston and Mark Rising

Covenant Control

 Matt Dunston, Brian Wright and Mark Rising

Other Numbers to know:

El Paso County Roads (Snow) 520-7276

Walden Water 339-2410

Mountain View Electric 495-2283

Black Hills Energy 546-6534

El Paso County Sheriff 390-5555 (Routine)

Tri-Lakes Fire Department 481-2312 (Routine)

American Medical Response 597-1277 (Routine)

Animal Control 473-1741 Ext 1

POA Board and Resources

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